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Joya Z Baynes, Basic Author

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 Chronic Constipation  5/15/2009  by 
For years I had been following a restricted diet which excluded gluten, dairy, sugar and several other common allergens.
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 Digestive Problems  5/10/2009  by 
All my life I have had digestive problems pain, gas and bloating after every meal, no matter what I ate or how healthy my diet was...
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 Professional and Caring Atmosphere  4/26/2009  by 
I was a little reluctant to start Colonic Therapy
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 Colonoscopy Prep  1/11/2009  by 
I was a little apprehensive to undergo the procedure however...
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 First Impressions  12/30/2008  by 
I can honestly say that the hydrotherapy treatment I received at Lifetime Health & Consulting has left an incredibly strong first impression on me.
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 Educational Experience  11/1/2008  by 
This was quite the educational experience!
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 Series  10/15/2008  by 
I wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I have been to date with the colonics you have administered.
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 Spiritual  10/9/2008  by 
The chi is really moving in her hands.
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 Gifted Health Care Professional  3/31/2008  by 
She uses her highly developed intuitive skills for knowing and being guided in just what her client needs on all levels physically, emotionally and spiritually.
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 Compromised Immune System and Low Energy  3/8/2008  by 
I enterered into the world of Colon Hydrotherapy with some skepticism. While researching possible causes of a compromised immune system and low energy I was surprised to learn that those two conditions were often associated with poor colon health.
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