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Colon Therapy Definition  1/3/2011  by  A
Simply defined, colon therapy is the water irrigation of a colon utilizing warm, filtered water for hydrating, activating and eliminating toxic waste from the large intestine. The process is safe and gentle.
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Guided Colonic Therapy Definition  1/3/2011  by  B
Familiarize yourself with The Mind-Gut Connection. A guided colon therapy session with Sage Joya combines colon therapy with energy healing, abdominal attention and intuited Sage guidance.
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Wellness Venue or Speaking Engagement  1/3/2009  by  C
Elevate your employee morale and increase brand awareness as a pioneering company promoting internal wellness through The Mind-Gut Connection.
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Traveling Guided Colon Therapy Sessions  1/3/2009  by  D
Experience The Mind-Gut Connection in the comfort of an exclusive environment. A guided colon therapy session administerd by Sage Joya combining colon therapy with intuited Sage guidance can take place at your desired location.
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