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FIR Sauna

The New Relax FIR Sit-Down Sauna Tent!  The Relax FIR Sauna has a new controller containing double switches allowing one to use one or both radiators during a sauna session.  The Relax FIR Sauna also contains two arm zippers allowing an individual to hold water or read a book during a sauna session.  The best way to achieve optimal healing is through relaxation.  Add the Relax FIR Sauna to your daily health regimen today!!

Relax FIR Sit-Down SaunaDouble Switch Controller

Relax Far Infrared Sauna Frequently Asked Questions

What is Far Infrared Light: The Light of Life?

Far Infrared Ray light is a form of electromagnetic light energy from the sun.  It is within the same Far Infrared light spectrum family
 but due to its longer wavelengths, the human eyes, just like the ultraviolet rays and X-rays, cannot see 
FIR light. 
 Infrared (IR) radiation is electromagnetic radiation having a wavelength (15 – 1000 µm) longer than that of visible light (400 – 700 nm) but shorter than that of microwaves (approximately 30,000 µm).

Far Infrared Family 

A nanometer (nm) is a unit of measure.  The nanometer is one-billionth of a meter (1nm = 1 / 1,000,000,000m).  A nanometer is used to measure things that are very small like atoms and molecules.

A micrometer (µm) is one millionth of a metre or one thousandth of a milimetre (1 µm = 1 / 1,000,000m).  A strand of human hair is about 100 µm wide.  The micrometer is a common unit of measurement for wavelength of infrared radiation.

How does the body transmit Far Infrared Light?

The normal human body temperature is 98.6°F.  The human body radiates infrared energy out through the skin at 3 – 50 microns.  Typically, our body heat is radiated outward around 8 – 10 microns (~ 9.4 microns) which is the reason for increased room temperatures from a crowd of people in the same area.


How does the body absorb Far Infrared Light?

As stated above, far infrared energy light is an electromagnetic radiation wave.  Just the same, the sun transmits radiant energy to earth via electromagnetic radiation waves.  Electromagnetic radiation waves are produced and channeled from a hot object to a cooler object, subsequently, the cooler object warms.   As an individual sits in the Relax FIR Sauna, the body receives the electromagnetic radiation waves and begins warming to indicate absorption of the FIR energy light. 


How does the Relax Far Infrared Sauna produce Far Infrared Light?

The Relax FIR Sauna has a special technology ceramic semiconductor.  This technology includes a computer programmed semi-conductor chip unknown to any other sauna. Combined with a special material developed by Relax, the ceramic semiconductor can absorb heat and then radiate the Far Infrared Rays that are easily absorbed by our cells and internal organs.


Moreover, the Relax FIR heater system utilizes the only clinically tested heater/radiator approved by the FDA (510K Number K05337), guaranteeing individuals to receive 100% Far Infrared Light Rays.

What is the difference between the Relax FIR Sauna and similar models with a cheaper price?

Again, The Relax FIR Sauna has a special technology ceramic semiconductor.  This technology includes a computer programmed semi-conductor chip unknown to any other sauna.  The Relax FIR Sauna utilizes a silver, quilted, cover-cloth tent with a unique reflecting material.  Additionally, the specially designed ‘whirlwind heater fan” assist the ceramic semiconductors with the even spread of efficiently produced far infrared ray energy light throughout the chamber.  This energy light is easily absorbed and utilized by the body.


Other cheaply produced models, which look the same, are designed with a metal grid and coated with laminated plastic.  Electricity heats up the grid.  A cloth impregnated with carbon, is placed on top of the laminated grid.  The grid eventually becomes hot enough to generate light composed of Far Infrared Rays and additional wavelengths.  These saunas are results-limited and lack product efficiency.


How does the Relax Far Infrared Sauna Detox the body?

Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to detox; eliminate toxins from the body.  Sweat carries toxins out of the body and pushes it through the pores. Toxins like sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol and carcinogenic heavy metals (cadmium, lead, zinc, nickel) and mercury accumulate in the body during modern daily life. The body eliminates most toxins naturally by sweating but the process is sometimes too slow. Infrared heat therapy stimulates the sweat glands that cleanse and detoxify the skin. The FIR heat technology simply speeds up the body’s natural detox process.

How can the Relax Far Infrared Sauna control weight loss?

While using the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, the heart receives a workout similar to a 6-mile run during a 20-30 minute FIR sauna session.  The body perspires the same amount as if participating in a 6-mile run.  An individual can burn anywhere from 600 – 900 calories in one 20 – 30 minute session. Infrared saunas are perfect for those whom suffer from injuries that inhibit rigorous activity or want to supplement their regular exercise regimen.


What are the other benefits of using the Relax Far Infrared Sauna?

Ř Relieves Stress/Anxiety

Ř Improved Sleep Patterns

Ř Weight Loss

Ř Lowered Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Triglycerides

Ř Enhanced Blood Circulation

Ř Radiant, Healthy Skin and Hair

Ř Improves Body Temperature Regulation (Night Sweats)

Ř Lowers Lactic Acid in Muscles

Ř Stimulates Endorphins

Ř Improved Mobility

Ř Kills some Bacteria and Parasites

Ř Penetrates Tissues for Cleansing/Detox

Ř Detoxifies Cells by vibrating Ionic Bonds

Ř Stops Swelling

Ř Improves Lymphatic Drainage

Ř Improves the Cardiovascular System

Ř Attracts Calcium to Cell Membranes for Healing

Ř Decreases water cluster size for greater mobility of excreting stored toxins


How does a Relax Far Infrared Sauna enhance the Immune System?

Usually illnesses are accompanied by a fever.  During a fever, the body heats up to eliminate viruses and attack foreign agents.  This rise in temperature is a natural stage of the immune system’s healing process and is one of the best ways to rid the body of chemicals and unwelcome visitors.  The immune system weakens the hold of viruses and bacterial growth.


FIR heat therapy induces an “artificial fever” by heating up the body but without the pains of an illness.  Subsequently, the body wards off invading organisms much more easily because the immune system is activated consistently by the “artificial fever”.   Colds and flu-like illnesses are reduced dramatically if treated in the early stages with FIR heat therapy.


How does a Relax Far Infrared Sauna improve my skin?

Far-infrared heat improves circulation, expels dirt, releases chemicals and removes dead cells on the surface of the skin.  All of these benefits lead to a more radiant, soft and firm complexion.  Just as well, the removal of dead cells can prove beneficial to the fading of old skin blemishes!


What is the temperature of the Relax Far Infrared Sauna?

The maximum temperature of the sauna can range from 149° to 167°F.  It is important to remember that the healing light of the Far Infrared Sauna is producing the healing.  Additionally, one can control the temperature of the sauna by using only one of the two radiator switches located on the controller or pulling down the zipper at the neck.


Does the Relax Far Infrared Sauna contain a warranty?

Yes.   The warranty includes one-year parts and labor.  The life expectancy averages at 15+ years.

How can I try out the Relax Far Infrared Sauna before I purchase one for home/personal use?

You may try the sauna at the Lifetime Health & Consulting office.  You can purchase one, two or a four session package by placing an order in one of three ways:

1.    Click on this link: Relax FIR Sauna Session and place your order directly on this website.

2.    Call the office @ 617-710-1337 to set up an appointment.

3.    Email [email protected] with your name, telephone number and an explanation of your interest to purchase FIR Sauna Sessions.


How can I place an order for the Relax Far Infrared Sauna?

You may place an order one of three ways:

1.    Click on this link: Relax FIR Sauna and place your order directly on this website.

2.    Call the office @ 617-710-1337 and leave a message with your credit card information to include card type, number, expiration date and three digit security code on the back of the card (four digit code on the front of card if AMEX).

3.    Email [email protected].  The email should include the credit card information mentioned in option #2 above.  

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