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About LHC

Lifetime Health & Consulting is a Center for Holistic Healing founded in 1999, by Sage Joya.  The idea to develop this company began with her Corporate America experience. A traveling accountant with a vegan vegetarian diet presented an interesting struggle to frequent colleague-inclusive restaurants having a menu to include health-conscious eating choices. Those restaurant challenges inspired Lifetime Lunch; a vegetarian lunch for corporate people living a vegetarian lifestyle. Surprisingly, the lunch concept attracted many individuals having a colossal interest towards dietary change, wellness, alternative therapies, and supplements for daily living. In response to this newfound interest, the company mission was restructured and the name changed to Lifetime Health & Consulting.


Sage Joya began her career as an Accountant. She graduated in 1994, with a Bachelor's degree from Georgia State University and immediately embarked upon a 12-year accounting career in Corporate America, traveling throughout the country. During her studies and traveled accounting career she was continuously reminded of her stress-induced health problems as an extension of her childhood ailments.

As a child, Sage Joya had a negative reaction to immunizations resulting in an extremely compromised immune system causing her to become the product of continuous antibiotic use, the latest common cold drugs, two life-threatening events, frequent skin eruptions, unpleasant yeast infections and chronic constipation. In her pre-teen years she experienced a lot of dental work contributing to her less than optimal health condition.  Around the age of 15, she began to have harmful reactions to dairy products which enhanced her eczema irritations and migraine headaches. At that young age, she promised herself to find a healthier way to live.

Sage Joya began to study Herbology with The Healing House in Atlanta, GA. She came across the book Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management by Dr. Bernard Jensen D.C., Nutritionist, and was amazed to learn that all diseases stem from the colon, which opened the door to her holistic health peril. This journey led to continued herbal studies with Earthsong Herbals of Marblehead, MA, Reiki training at North Shore Community College of Peabody, MA, an internship at The Holistic Health Center of Ghana, West Africa, and then to North Shore Lotus of Swampscott, MA where her mentor, the late Nancy Huberth, encouraged her to become a Colon Hydrotherapist.

In 2001, Sage Joya graduated from the Internal Environmental Institute, Los Angeles, California, to obtain certification by the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT). She was trained in the Allred Colon Therapy Technique by the late founder, Connie J. Allred, whom has been practicing colon hydrotherapy since 1967 and is the founding President of the American Colon Therapy Association (ACTA) now known as I-ACT.  Subsequently, she trained with Clearwater Colon Hydrotherapy, Inc. on an enhanced, traveling colon therapy, closed-system instrument.  This enhanced instrument creates a continuous water inflow and an amazingly optimal fecal release that maximizes the colonic session experience for the customer.

Sage Joya is Certified as an I-ACT Instructor and is also Certified with the National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy (NBCHT). While utilizing the Allred Technique, she embraces the "whole body" approach to healing with an emphasis on breath work and healing touch. She is committed to assisting individuals, mature and young, with relieving the discomfort of constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, headaches, fatigue, eczema and more, by restoring the colon's muscle tone and normal peristalsis for the achievement of regular bowel movements. Sage Joya believes the combination of warm, purified water into the colon, breathing, and touch is the simplest way to cleanse the tissues of the mind, body, and spirit!

LHC Mission

 The LHC mission is as follows:

  • To teach people about the endless possibilities of transformational healing through The Mind-Gut Connection as it impacts the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body.

  • To educate humankind on the endless benefits of living a holistic health lifestyle through healthy cooking instruction, dietary change, exercise, and colonic irrigation.


  • To educate individuals on the relationship between their mental state, physical ailments, emotional residue, past dietary/lifestyle habits, current living practices, and their colon.


  • To inform people on the integrative and complementary value of Sage-guided colon hydrotherapy with other allopathic medications and treatments required in a persons life. 


  • To enlighten individuals on the importance of utilizing colon hydrotherapy at the completion of dental surgery. 


  • To serve as a spiritual guide for individuals seeking their universal purpose. 


  • To direct people towards a connection with their spiritual self.

Lifetime Health & Consulting is dedicated to helping individuals achieve a higher level of health consciousness, and a feeling of internal empowerment.


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